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The user takes all responsibility about their uploaded files, and we assume that an administrator doesn't shoulder the total responsibility. Our site sometimes suspends service and changes it without notice.

2.About Contest

When you making your gallery, please put you email-address and you are regarded as an applicant. Only the person who can understand enter a mail address, and please contribute.

3.Prohibited Acts

-The act which makes the gallery where an evil is added to others' body, the life, freedom, honor and assets, etc.. The act which makes the-user cause some bad influence.
-The act which hangs an extreme load on a server and a network.
-Act contrary to good public order and customs.
When we find some forbidden act was detected, We sometimes get the correspondence which is access restriction without notice.

4.Agreement of a term of service

The user is considered to be agreed to this term of service and an exemption particular with the use in case of use.

5.Revision of the term of service

This website can be revised all of articles without an advance notice.